The sensual you

Four actions that will guarantee your sensual awakening for 2006

By Dr. Charley Ferrer

Create a Sensual Library. Begin to collect books, video tapes, cassettes and CDs, music, and pictures which you find sensual and erotic.  You are an adult, reading books on sexuality and sensual discovery are no longer “forbidden by mom”.  Give yourself permission to explore sensual topics to discover what you like, affirm you’re not alone in your desires, and discover new ways of looking at yourself.   

Create a Sensuality Journal. Paste those pictures you found erotic or called to you in some primal way into a journal.  It could be something you saw in a magazine, on a postcard, hanging in a museum.  Paste passages from books, yes even romance novels, which you found erotic or sensually thought provoking.  Poems.  Short stories.  Even fantasies you’ve written in secret should be pasted into your journal.  Ensure to incorporate those risqué thoughts and dark fantasies which you whisper about or are embarrassed to acknowledge out loud.  It’s okay; this is Your Sensuality Journal.  You’re an adult.  You can have whatever you wish in it.  Even pictures of your lover or yourself in various shall we say “arousing positions”.  The book is yours to create therefore make it look how you desire and share it with whomever you choose; or stash it under your bed and bring it out only in private for hours of fun with yourself or a lover.  

Mark your Calendar for Sensual Adventure. Write down ten sensual things you wish to try and explore; have your partner do the same.  Write each wish on a separate piece of paper, toss them in a jar, shake well, pull out your calendar, close your eyes and pick one, then write it down on your calendar for Wednesday night (or any other night your free). Then pick another and another giving yourself one new activity every two weeks.  On the date you choose, you WILL perform that sensual activity—even amidst giggles and blushing.  Ensure to prepare for it. This is your opportunity to be adventurous, to be the actor, producer, and playwright.  Let your imagination soar, and most importantly, allow yourself to have fun. (You can add tokens from these dates to your Sensuality Journal!)

Self-exploration. This is a must in order to bring sensual joy into your life and embrace the divine sexual and sensual nature inside yourself.  This is where you ask yourself those life altering questions, like: What does sex mean to me? What is the difference between love and sex? How sexual/ sensual do I want to be? Why won’t I allow myself to achieve an orgasm? Why do I suffer from sexual dysfunctions? Why don’t I feel comfortable asking for what I desire? And much more.  Asking yourself “why” you do something or forbid yourself your full sensuality will assist you in accepting who you really are and help awaken your sensual and sexual divinity.  My book, Para La Mujer Sensual and The Latina Kama Sutra: The Ultimate Guide to Dating, Sex and Erotic Pleasures  (El Kama Sutra Latina—July 2006) contains vital information and self-exploration exercises to enhance sensuality for both men and women.

You are an adult.  You can make your own choices.  You no longer have to cross at the corner with the light, wear underwear, or eat breakfast.  You can make your own decisions, and have for some time now.  It’s time you treated yourself like a mature intelligent sensual human being.  If not now, when?

Make your 2006 Sensual Resolution today, and let the good times roll.