M.D. with Specialty in Medical Sexology

“My penis is very short. That is why I have not been able to have successful sexual relations. I am very ashamed when being naked in front of women and men. Using public bathrooms has been a pain experience to the point that, if there are no stalls available or dividers in the urinals for privacy, I cannot urinate. I do not want to masturbate all my life. I wish to have sex with a woman and to have a family. Is there any medical procedure or alternative to increase the size of my penis? ” 

Facing these kinds of situations, doctors are frequently required to give our opinion and definitive concept about the possibility that men’s penis size is not appropriate. The cause?  Information, often from novels, which often provides exaggerations, extravagances, inadequate interpretations and misunderstandings. People have become insecure about this topic; men doubt and mothers compare. Many doctors as well as pediatricians, endocrinologists and urologists also express their doubts and refer these patients to us as Sexologists.

It is not enough to know that the penis is an organ that provides the most intense sexual sensations. Now, it is necessary to see it, measure it and analyze it. Forty years ago, communication and information on this issue were limited and relative to an individual’s interpretation. Besides, details concerning sexual anatomy and physiology were unknown. The sexual revolution in the 1960’s, at par with communication media development, originated excesses in notes and outlines, that still remain, and they are full of hyperboles, false explanations, wrong ideas, mistakes and lies on this particular matter.

Main motives of consultation

To determine the normal size of the penis, two types of consultation are made. The first one refers is performed by the mother or the father – or both – who take their kid to have the doctors to clarify if the boy’s penis size is normal or can be qualified as reduced, or  in the terms often used, little or short (that  it means future incompetence for the parents). Considering this last possibility, they ask what it is necessary to do for avoiding shame that the supposed shortness and possible inefficiency of the reduced penis can cause him when becoming an adult. The second one is the consultation made by the adult man who has classified his penis in the embarrassing category because he thinks that, for not having a bigger and longer one, it has caused him – or it will end up in – a low genital self-image, and maybe later, a supposed sexual inefficacy.

Generally, the boy four to ten years old, who’s timid and surprised, lets his parents take him to the doctors. It is not uncommon that, in front of the child, the parent’s expectations and  at times requirements are expressed as well as comparison of their kid’s penis to his brother’s or cousin’s who have them bigger or longer.

In most of the consultations, average males, or slightly overweight, are attended. Fat tissue accumulates in front of the pubis forming a kind of “pillow” that hides a great proportion of the penis, more than fifty percent. Then, having the boy lying and his penis between two fingers, the doctor pushes back the protruding fat and a normal size penis emerges. This is known as Dipped Penis. This maneuver is performed by just few physicians.

Other boys have a penis in harmony with their bio-typical features and, after a brief explanation to the parents, they understand that their boy’s penis is normal and that it does not have to be compared with others. We have to be aware that genetics makes it different, even among brothers, cousins or friends.

However, it is imperative to mention a very rare and infrequent disorder named Micropenis or Microphalus. This congenital pathology is present in boys who are born with a very little and short penis due to an inadequate organ stimulation by androgenic hormones. The hormonal treatment is effective in some cases, not in others. We diagnose a Microphalus when, at stretching the newly born penis from the glans, it measures less than 1.5 cms (almost half an inch).

How do you compare to other Males?

During consultation, some adult men express directly or indirectly their fear because they think that their penises are shorter than what it should be. This is due to:   

1. In a public bathrooms, he compared himself by watching other men. (Ask a man how many wholes the urinal has? He won’t be able to answer because he does not even look and pay attention.)

2. When watching pornographic videos, he made his own conclusion, without knowing that only the best endowed are chosen to act in these kinds of films and based on camera techniques and angles, the penis exhibited look gorgeous.

3. His sexual partner referred him.  

4. In any group masturbation activity, he compares his penis to the other boys’.

5. He concluded on his own.  

6. He read about penis measurements in various sources of information and wanted to corroborate his findings as he deduced his penis was under the average.

This very personal misconception – Ghost Syndrome – can be a result of negative fantasies. In other cases, they are vulnerable individuals. It is worth mentioning that those men’s partners formulated innocent comparisons or in good faith, inadvertently caused a loss of genital and sexual image, disability to flatter, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance fear or anxiety, and low self-esteem. On the other hand, we have to highlight that men with relatively short penises under the average size, never have realised it and their partners have not told them anything about it.

The relationship of the penis size in flaccidity and in erection depends on the elasticity of tissues. For example, a penis 8 cms in flaccidity could double its size in erection, becoming about 14 cms or longer., and one 11 cms could reach 14 to 15 cms (though it is evident that the last one comes up with advantage). This is explains how individuals with a very short flaccid penis could be categorized as not very well endowed, though when having an erection, can be a normal size. On the contrary, there are cases in which individuals who seem to have a very big and long penis in flaccidity, when erected, they are not.

An investigation in 1996, on 80 American men, resulted in 8.8 cms for flaccidity and 12.8 cms in erection as average measurements of the penis. The methods to measure it require skills, training, and knowledge on human anatomy to use reference anatomical points. Such measuring can be done during flaccidity or erection, not only in length but also in circumference. So, do not try to measure your penis on your own. You could make mistakes and they would generate unnecessary consequences.

Is the passenger known by the baggage?

Most men are unaware of the aspects on woman sexual response. According to what we have been dealing with, men have to know that the most external 4 to 5 cms of the vagina  are the most sensitive ones and, in this area, vaginal walls congest more, forming what it is called Orgasmic Platform. Besides, in this little segment, perineal muscles surround the vagina and the contraction of them during orgasm is felt by men and women, providing them with very pleasurable sensations.  In light of this, it is obvious that the myth created on the need of a big and long penis to fulfil a woman with lots of pleasure is false. This is also applied to the anus, where the area rich in innervations is very limited, just between both anal sphincters, the external and the internal, which measures about 2 cms. The bottom of the vagina is not very sensitive or the rectus. This supports a very wise saying: Do not believe everything you read or hear.

Surgical treatments to enlarge the penis, aside from eliminating the pre-pubic fat pillow by loosing weight or liposuction, consist of cutting the suspender ligament of the penis that keeps it attached to the pubis. The only disadvantage of this procedure is the loss of suspension or attachment while the penis is erected (making it point down and not up, and it oscillates side to side). To increase width, skin is infiltrated with fat, which leads to infection as its main complication and the formation of abscesses in the puncture sites. The achieved width is lost if body reabsorbs the fat. Another surgical technique with this objective is transdermical tissue grafts through placing skin strips (extracted from buttocks skin) with fat under the penis skin. The complication of this surgical method is the formation of scars that can make penis retract, resulting in a shorter penis than what you started with. Where the identity of your sexual organ is involved, why subject yourself to these consequences only for the sake of having a penis as people say or believe “it should be”

Many funny sayings refer to the short penis syndrome. One of them is: “No matters the long and the thick but the stiff”.  In fact, if an erection is not rigid enough for a good sexual performance, independent of the penis dimensions, will never be able to penetrate. Nevertheless, there is another funny saying I would like you to consider: “It’s not the size of the ship but the way it sails”.  A standard penis, owned by a man who has developed a wide erotic repertoire on flirting skills, seduction, sensuality, variation of penile movements during penetration to stimulate all the vaginal walls (and anal walls too, of course) and track the labia minor of the vulva for an appropriate clitoris friction, can achieve intense pleasure and total satisfaction for him and his partner

Never compare yourself to others. You and your penis are unique!  Before worrying about penis size, concentrate on becoming a better lover everyday. Feel proud when it erects in the presence of your partner who you are going to have sex with. Exhibit YOUR HONORABLE SEXUAL ORGAN!

Fast solution without surgery

  • Do not relate the size of hands, nose, feet, and height with the dimensions of penis. Numerous measurementss have shown that it is just a myth.
  • Fear, stress and cold water make a penis shrink and look like if it belongs to a little boy.
  • Cut the pubic hair! It will help lower your temperature and cause sweating in your genital area, and you’ll discover a good hidden proportion of your phallus.
  • Loose weight.
  • Use your penis!  Erections increase blood flow to the penis and the adequate oxygenation of its tissues.
  • Last and the mort important: Accept with what you own!