Sensual Hugs—An Exercise for Women

Dr. Charley Ferrer


How can a woman stay TIGHT despite the number of sexual encounters
she has? Is it necessary to have that vaginal surgery to tighten up so
your man feels like he’s with a “virgin” once more?

It frightens me to think how many women actually put themselves through the pain of vaginal surgery to have their hymen reattached when all they really need to do is learn to Hug their partner. No, not the kind of hug that involves your arms; but the Kegel’s kind which involves your regions much lower—your vagina. I call it Kegel’s Hugs since it feels like the man’s penis is getting a Hug from your vagina when it happens. And your ability—or rather, your desire—to become an expert at Hugs and practice the technique described below will determine just how firmly you’ll be able to HUG your man.

Here’s what you do! Perform your Hugs no less than three times a day, doing three sets of 8-repetitions. Think of it as your morning, noon and night or breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. Increase by one set every week until you’re doing ten sets a day. How to do them? First isolate your PC (pubococcyxogeal) muscle. This is the muscle that controls your urine flow. Tighten this muscle for the count of four and release it till the count of four. Do three sets of eight repetitions. (It’s important to ensure your release/relax your vaginal muscles for the same count of four.) At first, you may not feel this muscle is working; don’t worry—it is. It’s just like every other muscle in your body, it merely needs exercise to keep it from atrophy and make it work at it’s peak performance level. To ensure you’re doing it correctly, test yourself as you urinate by stopping your flow. You’ll know it’s getting stronger the faster you can stop your flow. If you do your Hugs faithfully for 30-days, you will notice a tightening in your vagina—your blanket—and he will too. Just imagine how it would feel to Hug your partner while he’s inside you. This is definitely one of those “lil’ miracles” that’ll bring you untold pleasure and incredible orgasms.

By performing your Hugs faithfully every day, you’ll see an incredible increase in your ability to achieve orgasm and its intensity. You may even find yourself becoming multi-orgasmic. This exercise will even assist you with those back door entries, if you know what I mean. The trick is to relax the Hug–remember the release? Hugs will also help reduce and possibly eliminate urinary incontinence. Results vary from woman to woman and depends heavily on your commitment to practicing daily. So, write me in 30-days and tell me how its worked for you and if it’s worth it. This is one 30-day challenge that’ll have you smiling in and out of the bedroom.


Dr. Charley Ferrer is the award winning author of The Latina Kama Sutra, The W.I.S.E. Journal for the Sensual Woman and several other books on sexuality and relationships. A world renowned Relationship & Sexuality Coach/Educator, she also hosts the first bi-lingual TV Show on Relationships & Sexuality. Dr. Charley provides confidential therapeutic/coaching services in New York City and via Telephone & Internet.