Dr. Charley Ferrer


Push-ups are a wonderful way to assist men in obtaining a stronger and longer erection, control his pre-mature ejaculation, and help him experience more intense orgasms. Not to mention, it also helps reduce/eliminate urinary incontinence. What I affectionately call “Push-ups” are also known as Kegels. You should perform your Push-ups no less than three times a day, doing three sets of 8-repetitions. Think of it as your morning, noon and night or breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. You should increase by one set every week until you’re doing ten sets a day. How to do them? First isolate your PC (pubococcyxogeal) muscle. This is the muscle that controls your urine flow. Tighten this muscle for the count of four and release it till the count of four. Do three sets of eight repetitions. At first you may not feel this muscle is working; don’t worry—it is. It’s just like every other muscle in your body it needs exercise to keep it from atrophy and to make it work well. If you want to ensure you’re doing it right, test yourself as you urinate by stopping your flow. You’ll know it’s perfect when you can immediately stop your flow. If you do your Push-ups faithfully for 30-days, you will notice that your penis lifts up and down as you do them—hence, the name Push-ups. Just imagine how it would feel doing Push-ups inside your partner; definitely an incentive as it’ll bring you untold glory. By doing your Push-ups faithfully, you should be able to reach climax several times in one sexual encounter, find your erection is easier to achieve and firmer, and you, last longer. Yes, this exercise will also help men with diabetes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. The results are individualized and based on how committed you are. So, you tell me how it works for you and if it’s worth it. This is one 30-day challenge that’ll have you smiling all the way to the bedroom.