Institute of Pleasure was formed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals including: gynecologist, psychiatrist, sexologist, psychotherapist, and educators, encompassing all areas of mental and sexual health. It was founded on November 2005 at Makatao Spa-Therapies, in Margarita, Venezuela.

We believe in the fundamental need to take care of all the aspects of the individual’s needs, regardless of sex or age, to promote sexual health. It is understood that sexual health is much more than the absence of illnesses or malfunctions. It includes sexual pleasure and satisfaction which are integral components of the well-being of the human being.

We incorporate the definition of the World Health Organization which considers health as the physical, psychological, social, sexual and spiritual welfare of the person, and not merely the absence of illnesses. As well as the “Declaration of sexual health for the millennium" realized at the XVII World Congress of Sexology and Sexual Education in Montreal, Canada, in July, 2005 which declares the recognition of sexual pleasure as a component of the well-being of the human being.

Our philosophy is based on honoring an individual’s right to sensual and sexual pleasure and satisfaction and prompting men and women’s well-being to improve the quality of life through education.

Services provided:

Workshops / Teleconferences in Argentina, Venezuela and the United States
Professional & Scientific Articles
Gynecology/Medical services


Dra. Charley Ferrer

Dr. Gerardo Giménez Ramirez

Dr. Alexis Vásquez