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A quick note before we begin: I realize that responding to this questionnaire will require some of your valuable time as well as your trust. I applaud you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to participate in this Historical Nationwide Latino Sexuality Study & Male Sexuality Study. Through your voice, the world will learn what Latinos truly think and feel about sex. It is Latinos like you who remind us that one voice does make a difference! The Latino Sexuality Study results will be published in a book entitled, “The Latin Lover”, anticipated publication date 2008/2009. The African-American Sexuality Study anticipated publication date 2008. You may mail or email your answers to us. All emails kept strictly confidential. Thanks for your cooperation. If you would like to be interviewed live for a possible video and book reference, please email/call us at (718) 916-4124.

Live with passion, Dr. Charley Ferrer

I.  General Demographic Information

How do you view yourself?

Heterosexual Gay Transsexual Bi-sexual Man who has sex with other men
Other (Explain)

What is your age?

What is your nationality? 

Latino (from: Puerto Rico/Mexico/etc.) Caucasian African-American Native American Other (Explain)

Where do you live now? (City & State) 

What is your marital status?  (Includes gay relationships)

single married divorced widowed celibate living with partner
Other (Explain)

What is your religious background?

Catholic Jewish Protestant Pagan/Spiritual
Other (Explain)


Did not complete High School Completed High School College Masters/Postgraduate 

What is your occupation?

How did you learn about this questionnaire?
Magazine (name) friend/family website other

Please answer as many questions as you wish or that pertain to you in as much detail as possible. Please ensure to maintain OUR numbers for each question when responding. (Please print neatly or type your responses that we may understand them.) 

II. Cultural Information

1. How has machismo affected your sexuality?

2. When did you learn about sex—from whom?  Do you feel you learned what you needed to know?

3. Do you participate in any alternative sexual lifestyles such as BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism), multi-partners, sex with other men, etc. Please explain.

4. How has religion affected your sexuality?

5. When was your first sexual experience? What did you think of it?  What age were you?  Did you continue to be sexual afterwards or did you wait before engaging in sexual activity again? If waited, for how long?

6. If you could create the IDEAL man, what would he be like?

7. When did you lose your virginity? What age? What was it like for you?

8. Do you feel parents should talk to kids about sex? When? Did your parents talk to you about sex? What did you learn?

9. Have you experienced (now or in the past) any sexual dysfunctions such as impotency, pre-mature ejaculation, low sexual desire, etc.  Why do you think you are/were experiencing these problems? Please explain.

10. Do you or have you participated in extra-marital affairs? What was the basis behind the affair? (This includes infidelity in any relationship.)

11. What do you look for in a partner? Is virginity or sexual history an issue?

III. General Sex information questions

12. How often do you engage in sexual activity with another person(s)? If you are celibate, do you masturbate? 


13. What were you taught about masturbation? When? By whom (your parents, friends, religious organization, etc.)? At what age did you first masturbate/discover masturbation? Did you masturbate to climax?

14. Do you enjoy masturbating?  How often do you masturbate? Do you masturbate to relieve tension, anxiety, or in lieu of a sexual partner?

15. Please describe in detail how you masturbate. For example, what do you use for stimulation:  your fingers, hand, the bed, a vibrator, your partner’s hand/body, use fantasy, etc. Is there a ritual to your masturbation?

16. Do you use condoms? (Male or female version of condoms) Do you use them during every sexual encounter including anal and oral penetration? Why or why not?


17. Have you ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease? (For example: Gonorrhea, Herpes, HIV, etc.)  Has your illness prevented you from engaging in sex or do you still participate in sexual activity and/or gain sexual satisfaction from it?

18. When (if ever) do you share your sexual history and sexually transmitted disease information with your partner or lover(s)?

19. Do you feel there are certain sexual activities that you can/cannot perform with your partner or wife? What are they? Would you find another woman/man to do these with?

20. Have you ever felt you were unable to say “no” during a sexual encounter or activity?  Have you ever felt pressured to perform sexually? Please explain.

21. Have you ever been sexually abused? How old were you? Please explain.

22. What role does religion and/or government play in your sexuality? Do they have power over your sexuality? Do you feel their control over your sexuality should be less or more? In what way?

23. What role does your body image play in your sexuality?

24. Do you feel a woman should be a virgin when she gets married? Is virginity important to you? Please explain.

25. What role does fantasy play in your sexual lifestyle? What do you fantasize about? Please explain.

26. How do you feel about pornographic or sexually explicit materials? How often do you view them? With whom?  Are they used for arousal? Do you engage in sexual activity before, during or after their viewing? If you could create your own sexual videos what would you like to see in them? (Oral, anal, vaginal intercourse, fantasy, etc.) Please specify.

IV. Sexual Activities

27. How long does it take you to climax? What is needed for you to climax?

28. What is your favorite sexual activity and why?

29. How do you feel about anal sex/play—indicate giving or receiving—for each response?  Do you enjoy anal penetration?  Sometimes, always, rarely. Are condoms used when engaging in anal intercourse—with all partners?

30. How do you feel about oral sex? Specify giving and receiving.

31. How do you feel after a sexual encounter? Are you fulfilled; is there something missing; etc.?

32. Describe what a climax/orgasm feels like for you.

33. Have you ever faked a climax with your partner? Why/why not?

34. Are you multi-climatic (able to have more then one climax during a sexual encounter)? Is so, what helps you achieve multiple orgasms? How long does it take you to achieve subsequent orgasms?

35. If you have a physical disability, are you still able to attain sexual satisfaction or climax? How have you re-sensitized your body to experience pleasure?  What compensations or adjustments have you made to accommodate your disability?


36. What types of non-genital sexual activities are important to you?  For example: hugging, touching, kissing, intimate conversations, smelling. Do you enjoy these activities more so than actual genital penetration?

37. Do you recall your sexual feelings during childhood?  Grade school?  High School? At what age did you begin to experiment sexually and with whom?  For example playing house, show and tell, doctor, spin the bottle, etc.

V. Relationships

38. What is the difference between sex and love for you? Is there a difference?

39. What would you say is most important in a relationship? Please explain.

40. How long would you (have you) waited before seeking treatment for a sexual dysfunction? Would you even seek treatment? Why or why not?

41. What, if any, type and degree of abusive behavior have you experienced in a relationship whether while single or married? With a man or woman? Were you the abuser or the abused?

42. Do you participate in advanced sexual activities with your partner such as:  BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism), role-playing, swinging, etc? Do you feel these activities increase your arousal, your orgasmic potential, your love?  How does this activity affect your relationship?  Please Explain.

43. How do you spice up your sexual relationships? (i.e.:  role-playing, special dates, books, workshops, etc.) Please explain.

44. Anything else you would like to add?

Your e-mail address