Join us as we continue to bring you exciting new workshops to enhance your relationships and sensual power. Each workshop if filled with valuable information on how to get the most out of your relationships and breathe fire into the flames of love. Whether you have been in a relationship for just a few months or a few years, whether you’re alone and starting anew, or whether you’ve embraced the single life for the time being and want to be prepared for what lays ahead, these workshops are designed specifically for you.

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Workshops are held in New York City unless otherwise noted.

Pre-registration is required.

Dra. Charley Ferrer
Telephone Consulting
Solo para Hombres
Deseando lo Prohibido
Embracing your Orgasmic Potential
Sexual Attitude Reconstruction -- SAR
Embracing the Big O - Descubriendo el orgasmo
Sexy & Free
Embracing Pleasure—Getting it All
Amor Eterno: Intimidad, Educación y Salud (para Adultos 50+)