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(Formerly Caliente with Dr. Charley Ferrer)
The FIRST Bi-lingual Show on Relationships & Sexuality!!!
This is a Bi-lingual Show. You may hear some dialogue in Spanish
however the primary language of the show is English

In New York City:

Every Thursday at 11:30 p.m. on Channel 35 & Saturdays at 00:30 a.m. n Channel 34

Also look for us in other New York City Boroughs:

Manhattan Channel 34 at 1:00 am Friday mornings
Queens Channel 57 at 12:00 pm Tuesdays
Queens Channel 34 at 4:30 pm Saturdays
Bronx & Brooklyn TBA

Now you can catch our show every Monday at 11:00 p.m. on TV-23 Manchester New Hampshire

About Pleasure Talk Show:

  • 2006 First Debut in November 2006 on Fruta Extrana Network
  • 2007 Nominated for Best TV Talk Show by Bronx Net
  • 2008 Nominated for Alliance in Community Media Northeast Regional Award

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NEW Shows:
Sex for One -- Masturbation
Tattoos & Piercings

Old shows
Urban Tantra Part II
50 Ways to Please your lover
Sexually speaking

Show Descriptions

Sex for One: Masturbacion
Hablaremos con la Madrina de Masturbación y "Mirar su Vulva", Betty Dodson. Esta mujer asombrosa ha dedicado su vida al mejoramiento de la aceptación femenina de nuestros cuerpos y en particular las genitales. Aprenda por qué la masturbación puede aumentar tu relaciones intimas con tu amante y realzar mejores orgasmos.

¿Cuál es la fascinación que tenemos con los tatuajes y perforaciones? ¿Por qué la gente se los hace? La modificación del cuerpo en memoria de un hijo o un amante, en celebración del nacimiento de un niño, o un día de boda, etc. ¿qué los hace eróticos? Escuche lo que la gente tiene para decir del porqué de los tatuajes o perforaciones.

Naked Yoga
Yoga twists us into different shapes in order to get a different perspective on ourselves and our lives. The Yoga practice assists us in moving closer to our truth and our connection with the divine. Isis Phoenix takes Yoga one step further with her creative new expression. By removing our clothes, we are forced to examine our bodies and our belief patterns. We let go more quickly of what is holding us back, and plunge more deeply into our truth and our bliss.

Urban Tantra with Barbara Carrellas
Barbara Carrellas walks us through her revolutionary approach to the long standing tradition of Tantra, the ancient practice of “sacred sex”. Learn who to turn your sex life around and reclaim the power within you to derive greater pleasure from your love life.

Embracing the Real You -- From one gender to another
Can nature be wrong? Are we all in the body we should be? Join us as we share one person’s Journey into becoming the person she always wanted to be. Going from one sex to another creates many new issues, connections, and responsibilities in an individual’s life. Join Dr. Charley Ferrer as she explores a few of these with Jasmine who went from male to female and embraced a side of herself many of us have never discovered. (Picture courtesy Steven Speliotis)

Erotic Images with Steven Speliotis
Steven Speliotis, a world renowned photographer and author of Asia Bondage. He captures the essential beauty of the soul through his thought provoking pictures. Learn how sensual and erotic images can enhance your relationship and the appreciation of self.
Explore the various avenues and emotional connection a picture can create.

Naked Men: Through the Eyes of Women
What do women find erotic about the male body? The Myth that women are not visual creatures is shattered when they tell us, in their own words, what stimulates them about the opposite sex. Inspired by their frankness, Francesca Rizzo shot many provocative photographs of everyday men that reveal the sensuality, tenderness, and beauty within the “beast".


Prior Shows: (Order your copy of these shows on DVD for only $9.99)
Porn -- Is it good for you
Sensual Cooking
Sexually Speaking


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